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Import/Load Canon Vixia AVCHD Files to iMovie 8/9/11 on Mac OS X

Canon has included a range of features and functions to help users capture stunning video to share including improved low-light image capture, a new Intelligent Image Stabilization (IS) system and the ability to capture MP4 video recordings. Canon has included dual codec recording, giving users the option to record in AVCHD, for the highest quality viewing on an HDTV, or in MP4 format, for easy sharing with mobile devices or social networks. The new 2012 VIXIA models feature a 20 percent improvement in low-light performance compared to previous models as a result of enhancements made to Canon’s HD CMOS Pro Image Sensor. Maybe you just a Canon Vixia user. So i think, this article is really useful for you, if you are also use iMovie to edit Vixia recordings.

You may encounter many problems when load and edit Canon MTS/M2TS files in iMovie, the reason is that AVCHD format is not well supported by iMovie on Mac. iMovie’s best format is Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) MOV format, so if you want to import and edit Canon AVCHD videos in iMovie smoothly, the best way is to convert AVCHD to AIC format.

Below is a guide for you.

1. Download Drorsoft AVCHD Converter for Mac, it’s an excellent Canon Vixia AVCHD converter which can help you convert Canon Vixia recorded files to FCP, iMovie, etc.

2. Install and run Drorsoft Vixia MTS converter. Import the files you want to convert.

3. Click format bar to choose the format for output, you can choose iMovie and Final Cut Express -> Apple InterMediate Codec (AIC) (*.mov).

4. You can click settings button to adjust output parameters, such as resolution, bitrate, etc.

5. Click “convert” button to start.

This Drorsoft Canon Vixia AVCHD converter can help you transcode Canon Vixia AVCDH files to rich formats for use, and Vixia series camcorders are well supported, you can convert Canon XA10 to iMovie, convert Vixia HF M300 to iMovie, convert Vixia HF M500 to iMovie, convert Canon Vixia HF S10 to iMovie, convert Canon Vixia HF S100 to iMovie, etc. just follow the steps above and import Canon Vixia videos to iMovie for further use.

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