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MXF to YouTube/Vimeo Converter-Upload/Convert MXF to YouTube/Vimeo FLV on Mac Mavericks

MXF is a “container” or “wrapper” format which supports a number of different streams of coded “essence”, encoded with any of a variety of codecs, together with a metadata wrapper which describes the material contained within the MXF file. MXF has been designed to address a number of problems with non-professional formats. MXF file format is not compatible with many programs. So you may have problem to play, edit or use these MXF format came from Panasonic HVX200/HPX300, Canon XF100/XF100/XF300/XF305/C300/C500, Sony EX camera, etc, let alone share and show your MXF video files to the world via Youtube and Vimeo.

And we know that Youtube/Vimeo is support like flv, avi etc format videos, but no .mxf. So if you want to upload mxf file to Youtube/Vimeo, the first thing you need to do is converting mxf files to .flv files which can be supported by Youtube/Vimeo. And the aPubsoft MXF file to Youtube/Vimeo Converter for Mac can help you solve the porblem that convert mxf file to Youtube/Vimeo .flv in an easy way. With the powerful Mac MXF file to Youtube/Vimeo Converter, you just need several simple clicks to convert mxf file to Youtube/Vimeo.

aPubsoft Mac MXF file to Youtube/Vimeo Converter not only can convert mxf file to Youtube/Vimeo on mac, it also can do some effects with your mxf files, and trim mxf files, even crop mxf files and so on. The best MXF to Youtube/Vimeo Converter Mac is the best partner for you to convert mxf file to Youtube/Vimeo on Mac and then upload your mxf files to Youtube/Vimeo from your Apple Mac OS X 10.9 Mavericks, Mas Mountain Lion, Mac Lion, Snow Leopard, etc. If you need to upload mxf file to Youtube/Vimeo, try the best MXF to Youtube/Vimeo Converter fro Mac, own it, you will get an easy way to upload mxf file to Youtube/Vimeo! you can get much more unexpected features from the powerful App, just get it!

Steps to Convert Canon/Panasonic/Sony .mxf Files to Youtube/Vimeo .flv on Mac OS X?

Step 1: Load MXF Files to aPubsoft MXF Converter for Mac

Run aPubsoft MXF Converter for Mac as the Mac MXF to FLV converter, and click the “Add” button to load .mxf videos for conversion.

Step 2: Choose FLV format as output format

Click the “Format” option, and choose General Video > Flash FLV Video (*.flv), and the Mac MXF to Youtube/Vimeo converter will transcode the MXF files to FLV for YouTube.Vimeo. And you can set the video size to 1920*1080 by clicking “Settings” button.

Step 3: Convert MXF to FLV for Youtube/Vimeo

Click the convert button under the preview window, and the Mac MXF to FLV converter starts converting MXF to FLV for uploading to YouTube/Vimeo.

Step 4: Upload mxf converted video to Youtube/Vimeo

After the conversion is finished, log in your YouTube account and browse the output FLV for uploading to YouTube.

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